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 +====== Create mountable compressed disk image ======
 +  - Install tools<​code bash>
 +apt install -y qemu-utils libguestfs-tools
 +  - Sparsify the disk<​code bash>
 +virt-sparsify -v --in-place disk.img
 +  - Convert the disk to dynamic VHD<code bash>
 +qemu-img convert -p -o subformat=dynamic -f raw -O vpc disk.img disk.vhd
 +===== Batch =====
 +<code bash>
 +for i in *.img; do virt-sparsify -v --in-place $i; done
 +for i in *.img; do echo $i; qemu-img convert -p -o subformat=dynamic -f raw -O vpc "​$i"​ "​${i%%.img}.vhd";​ done
 +===== See Alsos =====
 +  - http://​libguestfs.org/​virt-sparsify.1.html
 +  - https://​docs.openstack.org/​image-guide/​convert-images.html
 +{{tag>​disk-image libguestfs qemu-img}}