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 +====== Set Language for Individual Application in OS X ======
 +defaults write "​$HOME/​Containers/​com.tencent.qq/​Data/​Library/​Preferences/​com.tencent.qq"​ AppleLanguages '​(zh-Hans,​ zh-CN, en)'
 +defaults write com.tencent.qq AppleLanguages '​(zh-Hans,​ zh-CN, en)'
 +defaults write -app AliWangwang AppleLanguages '​(zh-Hans,​ zh-CN, en)'
 +FIXME 记录一下 QQ 的两行命令到底哪个有用
 +===== See Alsos =====
 +  * https://​blog.phoenixlzx.com/​2014/​11/​11/​set-language-for-individual-app-in-os-x-the-elegant-way/​
 +{{tag>​osx language}}